We have imaginary smart and new binderless technology by rising Biomass Briquetting Machine which creates dissimilar image in agro industry. This Biomass Briquetting Press project provides less costly and option fuel in contrast to expensive. By briquetting agro-forestry waste into Briquettes and it affects very absolutely to our environment and can make better tomorrow with the concept of “Go Green, Go Renewable” and “less polution ,the best solution” . We are one of the largest briquetting manufacturer and producers of an extensive collection of Bio Coal Briquett Plants. We are offering these machines in several specifications including standard, modified and customized. The obtainable biomass briquette palnt has gain excellent price among our clients for its outstanding features. The prominent customers can profit this plant from all of us at finance friendly price


  • Briquettes are cheaper than coal
  • Easy handling, storage and transportation as the briquettes are uniform in size and can even be packed in bags
  • Change of natural resources wastage into hi-tech energy & maintenance of ecological balance.


  • Groundnut Shell
  • Tobacco stems.
  • Charcoal Powder
  • Coffee Husk
  • Rice husk
  • Wheat husk
  • Dry leaves
  • Soya husk
  • agriculture waste






We could commonly use of the Wast To developing world, where energy sources are not as extensively available. Agro Briquette Plant are made of organic and natural materials, agriculture waste and whatever contain high Nitrogen element, Which is employed for heat energy. We are produce a high quality briqqutes without the need of chemicals. it has been amazingly growing as industry understand the benefits and features of less pollution to the environment through the use of agro Waste. We satisfy the need of alternative power in future and renewable energy source are for our Environment and approaching generation’s better future.

save Earth
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Our Bio-mass Briquetting Plant is utilize immature waste and unrefined resources for prepare biomass briquettes that are extremely appropriate for heat, generate force, and cuisine purpose. Biomass Briquetting Plant project provides cheaper and alternative fuel in compare to costly and fast disappearing fossil fuels like black coal, lignite, diesel etc.The wastes to facilitate include nitrogen at ease are in use as most correct choice for Biomass Briquetting Plant. We Are affianced a massive group of professional for provide sensible and correct after sale support to our customers.

Our company is delighted to introduce you our Industrial business and the highly manageable Items. as its beginning in, We Have Been leading in manufacturing of briquetting plant. as well this, we also offer outstanding customer services and timely deliverance . With our tough commitment and domain proficiency, we are able to make good reputation in briquetting industry. The charge of use a latest equipment such as biomass in to the present infrastructure is also enhanced.


  • Convenient accessibility of raw Item.
  • Do not use any sort of chemicals in briquettes.
  • Substantial  made  goods compactness with lower input.
  •  Convenient in service organization and low creation charge.
  • It have not spread smoke and not harm the environment like black coal.


  • Control smog
  • Employment invention
  • decrease green house gases
  • Save import responsibility on fossil fuel


In the world consistently a large number of agricultural wastes are generated. Briquetted fuel is produced from biomass such as agro-waste and other organic issues. Fuel briquettes Plant are made from agricultural and commercial consequences such as weeds, leaves, sawdust, rice husks and scrap paper to provide fuel wood. Briquette/ Bio coal or white coal is a solid fuel produced using an assortment of waste materials such as charcoal from low-density wood, agro forestry waste material, domestic, municipal solid wastes and typically any type of biomass waste. These Biomass Briquetting Plant, Bio coal Fuel Machine, Fuel Briquetting Biomass Plant are produced by compaction of biomass after removing moisture. This process increases the calorific value of the fuel. It’s a high quality asset towards economical, ecological, & advanced environmental company policy.

The Process of Fuel Briquetting Plant Manufacturing: The agro-squander is first slashed into little pieces and after that sundried to diminish dampness content. It is then sustained to the briquetted fuel creating plant where it is compacted and warmed to shape briquettes. The generation final result will be in continuous length and after that it is cut into required size. These machines are eco- friendly and you will get enormous benefit by investing resources into these Fuels Briquette Machines since it makes “BEST FROM WASTE” and “GO GREEN”.

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Pollution Free
  • 100% Economical
  • 100% Renewable
  • 100% Eco Friendly

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