About Us

Briquetting plant is an environmental expertise to alter different residue like forestry, trade and agriculture ravage into firm blocks of bio-fuel. Cylindrical formed briquettes are made with elevated mechanical force using binder fewer equipment. Briquetting Plant is dynamically occupied in delegate new biomass briquetting and compressed application. Bio-briquettes are alternate to non renewable vestige fuel and can be used in numerous manufacturing industries. biological bio-briquettes are Echo friendly and as well add to greener environment which save worthy overseas exchange. The motto behind bio-briquettes is prosperity from waste.

Reserch and development:

We Happen to be affianced a massive group of professional for provide sensible and correct after sale support to our customers. Our main key point is on the development of briquetting technologyResearch and development is a component of Advancement and is situated in front end of the Development life cycle.

Sales & Services:

We are the best manufacturer and vendre of Biomass Briquette and Briquetting Press Machines. This can be a significant milestone that deserves to be noted with pride, with their young, energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated team provides best service & support to.


A briquetting machine manufacturer capable of manufacturing four briquette pieces per group was designed and created Biomass Briquetting Press provides cheaper and alternate fuel in compare to costly and fast vanishing non-renewable fuels like dark coal, lignite, diesel and many others


Briquetting agro-forestry waste products into Briquettes and it influences very positively to our environment and can make better tomorrow with the concept of "Go Green, Go Renewable". Briquetting of agro-residues can minimize some of the problems of one's shortage being encountered world-wide.