Regarding to Briquetting categorization, the sort of raw material exert a huge collision on choosing of briquette machine. Generally, briquetting can process two most important kind of feedstock, undeveloped waste and afforest excess. Based after the sooner analysis, we hereby ask clients from the rest of the world to consider exploit exclusive of additional uncertainty. Biomass briquetting machine use harvesting , solid waste material as it’s raw materials such as corn stalks, whole wheat straw, cotton stalks, grain husk, peanut shells, corncob, tree branch, tree leaf, sawdust and so on, through compressed then press, improve the compactness produce biomass machine.



  • Crush organic materials into sawdust.
  • installation payments on your Free of moisture  raw materials to the moisture less than 12%.compress sawdust into briquette under temperature and high force with biomass briquette machine
  • wrap up sawdust briquette for favorable transportation.
  •  The biomass briquette machine is of sensible pattern which has simple organization, opportune process trustworthy performance and less areas treatment.

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