Coal Briquetting Plant

Coal Briquetting Plant, briquetting machine

Our compny is the major in offering coal briquetting plant  to the clients. Coal Briquetting Plant is quality assured and comes in varied classy shades.  Provided  range is avail in varied thickness which is provided  in standard sizes and patterns. Coal Briquetting lines was introduced by CIRCUMSTANCE to manage  the fossil fuel fines made when refined  in the Gasifier. By simply  this technology the fossil fuel fines can be used upto 30% with the coal in the Gasifier thus making the gasifier process more economically successful.

Coal Briquetting plant is the key part of  fossil fuel briquett production. With a good briquette machine, the coal materials will be pressed into smooth, strong and density coal briquettes. The self bonding of  biomass to create a briquette involves the thermo-plastic flow of the biomass. The lignin content  that happens naturally in biomass is liberated under high pressure and temperature. Lignin  acts  as the glue in the briquetting process, thus binding, compressing the biomss to form into high density briquettes.

The raw materials are gathered and  folded  into  briquette Plant  in order to burn longer and make transportation of the goods easier. These briquettes  are incredibly  different from  grilling with charcoal  because they do not have large concentrations of carbonaceous substances and added materials. All of the  materials can be made into various  designs according to different product requirements by using different rollers.The briquetting machine works on the principle of Green Pellet process.

The main process line involves:

Fossil fuel Pulveriser
Coal and Binder Applianc
Briquetting Machine