Energy Briquetting Plant

Energy Briquetting Plant, briquetting india

Now a days climate change become big issue. Different sectors release different kind of waste products which damaging to environmental surroundings that cause serious problem like air pollution and global warming. Energy Briquetting Press Machine is a way to create renewable energy.The process of manufacturing briquettes in the biomass briquette Plant completely pollution free as the machineries used in this plant task produce the briquettes in huge quantity with only applying high pressure without the chemical. Quite simply this is technology to convert all types of agriculture, forestry and professional waste into solid obstructions  Bio-Coal as well as White Coal. Biomass waste and agriculture waste are being used as raw materials to processing solid bio fuel.

Culture waste such as jute waste, rice husk, silk cotton stalk, bagasse, saw dust particles, almond shells, groundnut covers, cumin waste, bittlenut covers, castor seed shells, forestry leaves etc.The Agro Briquette Machine Plant  nowadays can be used as a substitute of all of the fuels due to the pollution free characteristics. Consequently, use the eco-friendly biography energy fuel briquettes to save the environment.

Features Energy Briquetting Plant:

Compact and low cost easy operating design
Small range base project
Empowering countryside development