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  • What is waste to energy technology?

waste-to-energy technology  is a waste management facility that combusts wastes to construct energy using briquettes.

  • What is briquettes?

A briquettes  is a dense block of energy dust or other flammable biomass substance such as sawdust, wood chips, peat, or paper used for fuel and kindle to start a fire.

  • What is briquetting machine?

Briquetting machine is  a way to convert any baggy biomass or agro forestry waste like Wood Chips, Sugarcane, Bagasse into a valuable briquettes.

  • How do they make briquettes?

Basic briquettes is shaped by ablaze a carbon-rich material such as forest waste  in a low-oxygen environment. This process drive off the dampness and unstable gas that were nearby in the unique fuel. The resultant burnt material not only burn longer and more progressively than whole firewood, but it is much lighter. 

  • What kind of material that we use for briquettes?

We used Materials like, including rice husk, bagasse,peanut husk, ground nut shells,  solid waste, agricultural waste.

  • What is a biomass briquettes?

The Biomass briquettes, typically made of green waste and supplementary natural equipment, are usually used for electrical energy generation, heat, and cooking fuel.

  • How to convert agrowaste into briquettes using Briquetting machine?

 It dense the raw substance with the help of insistent mechanical punch. However, throughout the reduction of the substance, temperature rise adequately to make the raw substance release the many adhesive that will abetment in suspicious the bits together in the dense form.

  • How long does it take for briquettes to heat up?

Through the excessive pressure, the briquette is shaped. The thickness of briquettes is 0.7 ~ 1.2 g/cm3. Allow the briquettes to light and burn for at least 20-30 minutes.

  • Please Specify the application area for the Briquette making machine is used

This machine is extensively used in intractable materials, power plant, metallurgy, energy, chemical industry, transportation, heating industry.

  • What are the shapes and sizes of the briquettes?

The shapes are cylindrical (80 mm dia ) , square ( 50 mm square) , hexagonal (50 mm ) with a hole in the center and length ranging from 25 mm to 300 mm .

  • Why do I need to briquetting?

Briquetting is needed because briquetting is the most excellent way to alter the powder goods into briquettes, which is the major advantages and easy to convey and energy savings.

  • What are the benefits of the briquetting?
  1. SPACE economy
  2. recycle COSTS CUT
  3. enhance OF WASTE VALUE
  4. decrease of ecological contamination
  5. decrease of dissipate costs