Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine

Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine

Fual briquette machine can produce biomass briquetting with very superior compaction, either it furthermore has a very high energy utilization for the process compare to mechanical press. the materials is conveyed to the briquette form head by a turning screw stream driven by electrical engine. Owing to our access to innovative technology, we have been able to effectively manufacturer Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine. We have a team of dedicated experts, who completely analyze the clients’ premises and then install the essential machines. The machines installed in this plant are highly efficient in transforming changing agro waste into non-polluting fuel. We lead a few quality checks at various stages of fabrication of our biomass Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine, so as to ensure flawlessness of every tool & machine installed in this specific plant.

Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine Features:

High productivity
Low maintenance
Simple establishment
Drawn out utilitarian life
Minimum power utilization
Low operation cost
Dependable operations

By keeping track with the recent market improvements, we are assembling as assorted range of Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine. This plant packs and binds the agriculture waste and forestry waste from powder/ stalks/ granular from into briquettes of solid from by heating it using high pressure. Also, it does not require any external source for generating pressure. In addition to this, we also design this extent as per the type of waste available locally.

Energy Value of Various Fuels
Description     Heating Value
Wet Firewood            8
Cow Dung           10
Tree Residues (twigs, leaves, etc.)           13
Agricultural Residues (straw, cotton stalks, etc.)           13
Air Dried Firewood (20% moisture content)           15
Densified Briquettes (wheat straw, rice husks, bagasse, etc.)           16
Oven Dried Firewood (10% moisture content)           20
Peat           21
Charcoal           28
Charcoaled Briquettes           30
Kerosene           44
Biogas           45
Liquid Propane Gas           46